Businesses buy insurance to manage risk. But too frequently they find that the coverage they purchased is elusive when the risks for which they purchased insurance materialize. Instead of protection, insurers respond with denials. However, the insurer’s denial need not be the final word. Our focus is fighting for businesses and helping them to secure the protection they purchased. Whether it be securing a defense in bet-the-company litigation or recovering insured losses, we are experienced insurance advocates who will not back down from a fight.

Though insurance programs are often intentionally opaque, we’re fluent in policy language. We help clients understand their policies, enforce their rights, and recover money that’s owed to them.

Business insurance litigation is a niche focus within business law, and our team has substantial experience aggressively taking on denied claims. Our persistent approach to insurance litigation has helped businesses recover millions of dollars from their insurance carriers, in many cases after the business had been told by their brokers and other lawyers that their case was unlikely to succeed.

In addition to sheer perseverance on every case, we deliver success because we are

  • Aggressive — Facing off against insurance companies has taught us that their business model is designed around denying claims and assumes that policyholders will surrender. The only way to prevail in these disputes is by fighting back, aggressively and persistently, and using all the tools available through the justice system to make insurers meet their obligations.
  • Experienced — Insurance policies are intentionally crafted to be confusing. Fortunately, Goodman Law Group | Chicago’s years of experience in insurance litigation have made us fluent in policy language and very comfortable working in the “gray areas” that require strategic thinking. We are skilled at finding the needle in the haystack: the clause or words that will compel the insurer to deliver the coverage our clients purchased.
  • Independent — Unlike many law firms, we never have and never will represent insurance companies, period. We have built our firm on advocating for policyholders.
  • Proactive — The best kind of insurance litigation is the kind that never happens. We help our clients prevent disputes through proactive audits of contracts and insurance coverage portfolios to identify potential risks and craft strategies for mitigating those risks.

Representative Matters

  • Secured a win for a policy-holding manufacturing company, compelling its insurer to cover the costs of defense in a suit alleging violations of the Illinois Biometric Privacy Act (BIPA). This ruling set a new precedent in Illinois, creating an avenue for companies facing similar circumstances to secure coverage under their commercial general liability (CGL) policies.
  • Successfully represented a national chain of dental practices in pursuing their claim seeking coverage of revenue lost due to government-ordered pandemic closures. The insurer sought to treat all 72 offices as a single closure occurrence and offered a minimal payment; however, arguing successfully that each jurisdiction’s business shut-down order was, in fact, a separate occurrence, our team won a judgment for the client.
  • When a demolition project at a major Indiana power plant went awry, causing substantial damage to the plant and the local power grid, Goodman Law Group | Chicago obtained recoveries from two insurance companies to fund the repair of the extensive damage.
  • Secured a multimillion-dollar recovery for a large construction firm resulting from cyber losses caused by server failure that stalled the construction of a large Canadian hospital.

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