Whether your company is dealing with an unfortunate longstanding conflict that is impacting your ability to evolve and grow, or you have identified a potential risk on the horizon that you would like to plan for, Goodman Law Group | Chicago provides a suite of legal advisory services that can help your business resolve thorny issues once and for all and thrive in the future.

Outside General Counsel

From advising on a single legal issue to providing ongoing general business advising, we work closely with our clients’ internal stakeholders to provide pragmatic counseling aligned with their business strategy and objectives. Our advising focuses on areas such as risk and insurance portfolio audits, vendor agreements, non-disclosure and non-compete agreements, and many other types of contracts.

Second Opinions

Sometimes in the process of attempting to resolve a dispute a business owner agrees to a path that later becomes untenable. This can be an especially difficult situation when it becomes clear that the current legal counsel is not providing the best possible representation. It’s never comfortable to make a change, but correcting course is always more prudent than continuing down a path that is not working. Our team can bring a fresh pair of eyes to complex and entrenched problems. Second opinions are an underused tool that often saves both parties time and money.

Representative Matters

  • Helped a financial services business unit break away from a large company and launch itself as a new business.
  • Engaged to represent a chemical manufacturer and evaluate a strategy and options for resolving a yearslong unsuccessful litigation. This strategic counseling helped the company’s management team move the business forward.
  • Counseled a manufacturing business in connection with a dispute and threatened litigation with a strategic partner. Goodman Law Group | Chicago’s counsel successfully resolved the dispute, enabling the companies to continue to work together.


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