At Goodman Law Group | Chicago, the strength of our team and our sharp focus on business insurance coverage and complex contract litigation set us apart from larger firms that practice in a broad range of business law and lack the depth of experience and strength our team brings to each case. Each of our litigators and business lawyers has built their careers focused on the nuances of dense insurance contracts, and they have litigated a wide array of complex business disputes.

In confronting our clients’ toughest disputes, we are disciplined and relentless. Our clients’ best interest is our north star, and we go all in to win.

David treats our company like it was his own. He hurts when we hurt, he bleeds when we bleed, he thinks about us even in the off hours. I’ll get an email Saturday afternoon, he’s at the ballpark, ‘I’ve been thinking about this,’ and that endears him to me because he’s not just going through the motions.
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