Senior Litigator

CARRIE DAVENPORT is an attorney with Goodman Law Group | Chicago. Joining the firm felt a bit like a meeting of the minds. Having worked with David Goodman at another Chicago commercial litigation boutique, Carrie knew they shared the belief that a win in the courtroom may be an illusory one, since it’s often not the best business solution for the client. “Truly engaging with your client and gaining a deep understanding of their business in order to choose the approach that’s most beneficial for them, instead of defaulting to litigation and hitting auto-pilot, is a unique way to practice.” And when she does go to court, Carrie finds that the same ability to connect with people and bring a more fluid, more thoughtful approach to problem-solving gives her greater credibility and ultimately yields better results for clients.

BA cum laude in Political Science, Rutgers University
JD cum laude, Cornell Law School

Federal Bar Association

“Since we tend to look at the bigger picture, we see our practice as an opportunity not only to help our clients maintain healthy businesses, but also to have a profoundly positive impact on the business landscape as a whole.”
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